The Exchange was an idea developed to meet a growing demand for specialist events working towards co-operation, co-ordination and collaboration through highly targeted face to face business networking.  


The outstanding success and positive feedback of our exchanges have pushed the company forward to work in line with all governmental bodies, industry leaders and academia.  These events have greatly developed governmental relations and promoted a better symphony throughout industries worldwide.

The original format used for the exchanges gives participants the opportunity to discuss and draw relevant information to take back to their respective companies to further drive their business forward.​   

GEM is a leading event organiser specialising in energy and maritime sectors. We are committed to creating global networking platforms for industry leaders, governments and communities.  

Our Exchanges improve professional skills, encourage the exchange of knowledge, and the generation of innovative solutions. We bring together professionals from across the globe to make connections, find inspiration and advance opportunities. 

As specialists in business information delivery our global services and professionalism are well known and respected.

The Exchange was an idea developed to meet a growing demand for a different approach to business networking.  

Every Exchange brings inspiring talks from a panel of distinguished speakers and experts, round table reactionary sessions and the opportunity to sit at the thematic tables throughout the day - The format encourages the sharing of ideas and expertise with fellow professionals - it enables businesses an unparalleled level of discussion, unsurpassed peer networking and a perfect environment for idea generation. 

With over 10 years experience in co-ordinating professional meetings and events we understand the importance of brand values, corporate identity and audience profiling.

We are proud of our highly skilled, passionate and resourceful team who work hard to constantly look for ways to be more innovative and creative to deliver seamless professional Exchanges